Rejuvenating / Natural Face Lift Massage


Natural face lift massage is a unique massage therapy that relaxes your facial and neck muscles, helping your skin to regain it elasticity while encouraging wrinkles and bags to diminish.

It is a combination of Indian Face Massage, healing techniques including acupressure and lymphatic drainage, on the face and neck.

The Natural Face Lift Massage involves flowing techniques which act as a natural face lift.

A very relaxing treatment, perfectly developed to tackle the stresses and strains of our modern, fast-paced lives, working specifically on the lines and wrinkles that can give you that tired look. 


Benefits of Natural Face Lift Massage (Facial Rejuvenation):

  • Lessens wrinkles, under eye bags and expression lines
  • Releases stress and tension of the surrounding muscles
  • Positive, confident expression
  • Relaxed face and vibrant appearance
  • Toned and improved complexion
  • Boosts the immune system and removes toxins
  • Enhances a feeling of well-being
  • Promotes total relaxation
  • Excellent for tension headaches, eyestrain, stress related symptom
  • Mobile, youthful looking face
  • Tighter facial contours
  • Sense of calmness, release of anxiety and clearer thinking